Figure 7 from DISGAN: Wavelet-informed Discriminator Guides GAN to MRI Super-resolution with Noise Cleaning | Semantic Scholar (2024)

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@article{Wang2023DISGANWD, title={DISGAN: Wavelet-informed Discriminator Guides GAN to MRI Super-resolution with Noise Cleaning}, author={Qi Wang and Lucas Mahler and Julius Steiglechner and Florian Birk and Klaus Scheffler and Gabriele Lohmann}, journal={2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW)}, year={2023}, pages={2444-2453}, url={}}
  • Qi Wang, Lucas Mahler, G. Lohmann
  • Published in IEEE/CVF International… 23 August 2023
  • Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering
  • 2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW)

The proposed DISGAN is trained only on the SR task, but also achieves exceptional performance in denoising, and is dubbed "Denoising Induced Super-resolution GAN" due to its dual effects of SR image generation and simultaneous denoising.

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Medical image super-resolution for smart healthcare applications: A comprehensive survey
    Sabina UmirzakovaShabir AhmadLatif U. KhanT. Whangbo

    Medicine, Engineering

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  • 2024
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38 References

A Three-Player GAN for Super-Resolution in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Qi WangLucas MahlerJulius SteiglechnerFlorian BirkK. SchefflerG. Lohmann

    Computer Science, Engineering


  • 2023

A new method for 3D SR based on the GAN framework that uses instance noise to balance the GANS training and an updating feature extractor during the training process and produces highly accurate results.

Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network
    C. LedigLucas Theis Wenzhe Shi

    Computer Science

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  • 2017

SRGAN, a generative adversarial network (GAN) for image super-resolution (SR), is presented, to its knowledge, the first framework capable of inferring photo-realistic natural images for 4x upscaling factors and a perceptual loss function which consists of an adversarial loss and a content loss.

  • 9,274
  • Highly Influential
  • [PDF]
Multimodal-Boost: Multimodal Medical Image Super-Resolution Using Multi-Attention Network With Wavelet Transform
    Fayaz Ali DharejoMuhammad Zawish N. Qureshi

    Medicine, Computer Science

    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology…

  • 2023

The proposed generative adversarial network (GAN) with deep multi-attention modules to learn high-frequency information from low-frequency data and a learning method for training domain-specific classifiers as perceptual loss functions results in an efficient and reliable performance.

ESRGAN: Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks
    Xintao WangKe Yu Xiaoou Tang

    Computer Science

    ECCV Workshops

  • 2018

This work thoroughly study three key components of SRGAN – network architecture, adversarial loss and perceptual loss, and improves each of them to derive an Enhanced SRGAN (ESRGAN), which achieves consistently better visual quality with more realistic and natural textures than SRGAN.

  • 2,842
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Multiscale brain MRI super-resolution using deep 3D convolutional networks
    Chi-Hieu PhamAurélien DucournauRonan FabletF. Rousseau

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Learning a Gradient Guidance for Spatially Isotropic MRI Super-Resolution Reconstruction
    Yao SuiO. AfacanA. GholipourS. Warfield

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  • 2020

The focus of this work was on constructing images with spatial resolution higher than can be practically obtained by direct Fourier encoding, and a novel learning approach was developed, which was able to provide an estimate of the spatial gradient prior from the low-resolution inputs for the HR reconstruction.

  • 11
  • PDF
Super-Resolution for Ultra High-Field MR Images
    Qi WangJulius SteiglechnerTobias LindigBenjamin BenderK. SchefflerG. Lohmann

    Medicine, Engineering

  • 2022

An efficient super-resolution model based on Generative Adversarial Network is described, which produces synthetic images that simulate MR data at ultra high isotropic resolutions of 0 .

  • 3
SwinIR: Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer
    Jingyun LiangJie CaoGuolei SunK. ZhangL. GoolR. Timofte

    Computer Science

    2021 IEEE/CVF International Conference on…

  • 2021

A strong baseline model SwinIR is proposed for image restoration based on the Swin Transformer that outperforms state-of-the-art methods on different tasks by up to 0.14∼0.45dB, while the total number of parameters can be reduced byUp to 67%.

Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Residual Channel Attention Networks
    Yulun ZhangKunpeng LiKai LiLichen WangBineng ZhongY. Fu

    Computer Science


  • 2018

This work proposes a residual in residual (RIR) structure to form very deep network, which consists of several residual groups with long skip connections, and proposes a channel attention mechanism to adaptively rescale channel-wise features by considering interdependencies among channels.

Image Super-Resolution via Iterative Refinement
    Chitwan SahariaJonathan HoWilliam ChanTim SalimansDavid J. FleetMohammad Norouzi

    Computer Science

    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…

  • 2023

The effectiveness of SR3 in cascaded image generation, where a generative model is chained with super-resolution models to synthesize high-resolution images with competitive FID scores on the class-conditional 256×256 ImageNet generation challenge, is shown.



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    Figure 7 from DISGAN: Wavelet-informed Discriminator Guides GAN to MRI Super-resolution with Noise Cleaning | Semantic Scholar (11)

    Figure 7: Noise cleaning of our DISGAN model on real world epilepsy noisy data. (a) the Ground truth image with random noise and ringing artefacts, indicated by the green arrows; (b) same anatomy after the noise removal…

    Published in 2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW) 2023

    DISGAN: Wavelet-informed Discriminator Guides GAN to MRI Super-resolution with Noise Cleaning

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    Figure 7 from DISGAN: Wavelet-informed Discriminator Guides GAN to MRI Super-resolution with Noise Cleaning | Semantic Scholar (2024)
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