Henry Mancini Family Celebrates Late Composer's 100th Birthday with Tribute Album (2024)

TheHenry Mancini familycontinues to celebrate what would have been the late legendary composer’s 100th birthday with the announcement ofThe Henry Mancini 100th Sessions – Henry Has Company.The album is the latest installment in what will be a year-long endeavor honoring the 20-time GRAMMY® and 4-time Academy Award winner whose centennial is being celebrated onApril 16th.

The Henry Mancini 100th Sessions – Henry Has Companywill be availableJune 21st via Primary Wave, and the first single, “Peter Gunn,” featuringQuincy Jones, John Williams, Herbie Hanco*ck, andArturo Sandoval, is out now.

The album comprises seven tracks and features guest appearances fromJohn Williams,Herbie Hanco*ck, Arturo Sandoval, Quincy Jones, Lizzo, Sir James Galway, Michael Bubléwith theRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra,Pat Metheny, Take 6, Monica Mancini, Gustavo Dudameland theLos Angeles PhilharmonicandLos Angeles Master Chorale, Stevie Wonder,Snarky Puppy,andAudrey Hepburn.

On being asked to contribute to the upcoming album,Michael Bublénotes: “When the Mancini family calls and asks you to be a part of honoring the legacy of a genius you say thank you so very much I would love to be there…you say yes!”

The Henry Mancini 100th Sessions – Henry Has CompanyTracklisting

  1. Peter Gunn ft. Quincy Jones, John Williams, Herbie Hanco*ck, and Arturo Sandoval
  2. Pink Panther ft. Lizzo and Sir James Galway
  3. Moon River ft. Michael Bublé with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. Lujon (Slow Hot Wind) ft. Pat Metheny
  5. Days of Wine and Roses ft. Take 6 & Monica Mancini
  6. Baby Elephant Walk ft. Snarky Puppy
  7. Moon River / Audrey’s Letter ft. Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Los Angeles Master Chorale, Stevie Wonder, and Audrey Hepburn

On June 23rd,The Hollywood Bowl Orchestraand special guestsMichael Bublé, Cynthia Erivo, andMonica Manciniwill Raise the Curtain on the Bowl's 2024 season with a 100th birthday celebration forHenry Manciniconducted by the greatThomas Wilkins. Tickets are availableHERE.

Additionally, theRock & Roll Hall of Famehas unveiled an installation on behalf ofHenry Mancini’s upcoming 100th birthday in their Cleveland Rocks gallery. The installation features Mancini’s GRAMMY® Award for the inaugural ‘Album of the Year’ 1958, "Music From Peter Gunn,”a bomber jacket with embroidered “Hank" owned byHenry Mancinifrom Pink Panther Tour, and much, much more.Additionally, the display will showcase pieces of memorabilia symbolic of the legends Mancini influenced:Quincy Jones, Cher, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, andLionel Richieas well as a handwritten score ofPeter Gunn.

TCM (Turner Classic Movies)will be honoring Mancini’s upcoming birthday with a lineup of programming dedicated to the late composer and his iconic work. The full 24-hour schedule, airing today, Tuesday, April 16th, will feature classics such asThe Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany’s,andTwo for the Road;each of those 3 films will beaccompanied by original monologues by the TCM host that include a brief bit of history and commentary on how each masterpiece was uniquely special.

This past Valentine’s Day, Tiffany’s in New York displayed a handwritten letter fromAudrey HepburntoHenry Mancini. The letter, which celebrates the pair’s legendary collaboration onBreakfast At Tiffany’s, is an ode to what makes the film's score a perfect example of Mancini's talent for creating memorable and evocative music. The main theme, "Moon River," is a jazz standard that has been covered by countless artists. It perfectly captures the film's mix of sophistication and melancholy. Last week, Tiffany’s in Tokyo, Japan unveiled their display of Henry’s two Oscars as well as Audrey Hepburn’s dress fromBreakfast At Tiffany’s. The exhibition is open to the public until June 23.

CBS Sunday Morning hasaired two tribute episodes on theHenry ManciniCentennial and his legacy in music with a third episode to be aired prior to the release of the album. The broadcast segments highlight how the composer has been an enduring influence to generational talents such asQuincy Jones, who in a 2014 interview withRolling Stone, cited Mancini as his mentor.

On August 4th, music director, conductor, and arrangerKevin Stiteswill explore the music of legendary performer and film composerHenry Mancinifor the annual Gala Benefit Evening at the Ravinia Festival. Curated and hosted by actorRob Lindley, “Mancini at 100: The Music of Henry Mancini, from the big screen, to the small screen, to the stage and beyond” features Broadway vocalistsJessie Mueller(Waitress,Beautiful: The Carole King Musical),Norm Lewis(The Phantom of the Opera,Les Misérables), andKaren Mason(Sunset Boulevard), with all three making their Ravinia and CSO debuts.

This fall,The Extraordinary Life of Henry Mancini: Official Graphic Novelwill hit shelves. From the humble beginnings of his father’s flute lessons to composing his Oscar-winner scores, this new graphic novel, written by David Calcano and illustrated by the award-winning studio Fantoons, illustrates every step in the journey of Henry Mancini’s pivotal and industry-shaping career.

About Henry Mancini

Henry Manciniwasn't afraid to push boundaries. He seamlessly blended elements of jazz, classical, and popular music, creating unique soundscapes that set him apart from other film composers. This innovative approach helped redefine film scoring and paved the way for future generations. During his lifetime, Mancini was nominated for 72 GRAMMY® Awards, 18 Academy Awards®, honored with a Golden Globe® Award, and nominated for two Emmy ®Awards.He created countless iconic pieces of work, from music fromThe Pink Pantherfilm series ("The Pink Panther Theme") to "Moon River" fromBreakfast at Tiffany'sand was the recipient of the inaugural ‘Album Of The Year’ GRAMMY® for his 1958 soundtrack to thePeter Gunntelevision series, making him the first recipient of the prestigious award.

Henry Mancini’s legacy transcends beyond music into film and pop culture at large. His 100th birthday is more than just a celebration of a single composer; it’s a chance to appreciate the power of music and the artistry of film scoring. His songs have been covered by esteemed artists includingBeyoncé, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, R.E.M., Clay Aiken, and countless others. Mancini's legendary status comes from his ability to create unforgettable music that transcended film scores and ultimately became cultural touchstones that influenced generations of musicians.

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Henry Mancini Family Celebrates Late Composer's 100th Birthday with Tribute Album (2024)


Henry Mancini Family Celebrates Late Composer's 100th Birthday with Tribute Album? ›

The Mancini family is celebrating the centennial on multiple fronts, and has announced The Henry Mancini 100th Sessions – Henry Has Company. The album, with a title that nods to Ray Charles' posthumous 2004 hit Genius Loves Company, will be available June 21 via Primary Wave.

How many albums did Henry Mancini record? ›

Lucky,” “NBC Election Night Theme,” “Newhart,” “Remington Steele” and “Hotel.” Mancini recorded over 90 albums with styles varying from big band to jazz to classical to pop, eight of which were certified gold by The Recording Industry Association of America®.

How many awards did Henry Mancini win? ›

Awards and nominations

Mancini was nominated for 72 Grammy Awards and won 20. He was nominated for 18 Academy Awards and won four. He also won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for two Emmy Awards.

Who has the most hit albums of all time? ›

Michael Jackson's Thriller, estimated to have sold between 70-100 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album ever. Jackson also currently has the highest number of albums on the list with five, Celine Dion has four, while the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Whitney Houston each have three.

Which Henry Mancini record won the Grammy record of the year in 1961? ›

1961 Five Time Grammy Award Winner Record of the Year, Song of the Year “Moon River,” Best Arrangement & Best Performance by an Orchestra other than for Dancing Best Soundtrack Album or Recording of Score from a Motion Picture.

How many albums did Lionel Richie put out? ›

Lionel Richie is an American R&B and pop singer, who has released 11 studio albums, three live albums, and seven compilation albums.

How many albums did Sammy Hagar make with Van Halen? ›

Affectionately known as the “Van Hagar” years, Eddie Van Halen and company released four successful LPs while fronted by the Red Rocker during the '80s and '90s: 5150 (1986), OU812 (1988), For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991), and Balance (1995).

How many albums did Peter Frampton make? ›

The English musician and songwriter Peter Frampton has released eighteen studio albums, four live albums, seven compilation albums, four videos and twenty-four singles. This article chronologically catalogues all of Frampton's releases as a solo act.

How many albums did Hank Williams Jr make? ›

The discography of all albums and singles released by Hank Williams Jr. consists of 56 studio albums and 25 compilation albums. He has released 109 singles and 24 music videos.

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