How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (2024)

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How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24?

Apr 13, 2024

Apr 13, 2024 Source: POECURRENCY

  • How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (1)
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  • POE 3 24 Perandus Pact

The introduction of the Necropolis League in Path of Exile 3.24 has brought with it a diverse selection of Uniques. One of these is the Perandus Pact, which is unique to Necropolis grave crafting and is composed of the bodies of 4 different corpses of the Perandus family. Today, let's take a closer look at this unique Prismatic Jewel.

This jewel adds stats to passive skills within a large radius, effectively increasing the value of those passive skills. The stats which it provides can vary between 13 different outcomes, making the jewel very versatile to benefit from a large variety of builds.

How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (2)

Mechanic Of Perandus Pact

How does the Perandus Pact work? Let's take the example of the one which has 'Passive skills in radius also grant +5 to maximum life'. The Perandus Pact has a large jewel radius. Every node in the radius around the jewel will have +5 to maximum life added to the pre-existing stats on that node.

All the nodes in the radius indicated by the blue ring around this jewel socket will have +5 to maximum life added to their pre-existing stats. So, with the currently allocated passive skills, this tree has 14 nodes that are allocated within the jewel's radius. Therefore, this jewel would be providing +70 to maximum life.

Somewhat similarly to some of the Timeless Jewels, the Perandus Pact makes nodes in its radius more valuable by adding a stat to them. This makes the positioning of this jewel and the makeup of your passive tree a lot more important, especially since the Perandus Pact is limited to one.

Build Example

Let's talk about a build example using this jewel. A Righteous Fire Chieftain would typically use this jewel on the passive skill tree. By using the Perandus Pact jewel, which adds 6% increased fire damage to passive skills within its radius in this jewel slot.

How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (3)

The Chieftain would gain 96% increased fire damage from the Perandus Pact in the socket, since there are 16 passive skills allocated within its radius. Keep in mind that this is just a fairly standard passive skill tree pairing that's being used. However, when using the Perandus Pact, you're likely going to optimize your passive skill tree to get the most out of this jewel.

Another one could be the jewel socket near the Templar's starting point on the passive skill tree. For a Physical-to-Fire Conversion build, has 25 nodes allocated within the large jewel radius would provide a ridiculous 150% increased fire damage when placed in this jewel slot.

Passive Trees & Unnatural Instinct

Optimizing your passive tree to better suit this new jewel and get the most out of this jewel. Unnatural Instinct is a unique jewel that's limited to one, and it has a small radius. Any allocated small passive skills within its radius grant nothing, but in a trade-off, you gain all the bonuses from all the unallocated small passive skills within that small radius.

However, the Perandus Pact works just like Timeless Jewels for its interaction with Unnatural Instinct. These small unallocated passive skills that are within the radius of Unnatural Instinct and are also within the radius of the Perandus Pact also have those additional stats granted to the character.

How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (4)

This is absolutely a powerful POE Item that's useful for almost every build. And I'm excited about the fact that you can really increase the effectiveness of the jewel by optimizing passive trees and making use of interactions like the one with Unnatural Instinct.

Other Jewels Interactions

You can also utilize other unique jewels to further increase the potential earnings of the Perandus Pact and apply passive skills within the radius of the Perandus Pact for even more value.

  • The Thread of Hope, which allows you to allocate nodes within the ring that it grants with no need for them to be connected to your tree.
  • The Impossible Escape will also allow you to allocate nodes with no need of them to be connected to your tree, as long as they’re within a radius of the specified keystone.
  • The Intuitive Leap could also be useful around that Scion's starting point, which allows you to allocate passive within a small radius around it without being connected to your tree.
  • The Might of the Meek, which will boost the bonuses granted by nodes within a large radius, but keep in mind that one will also make notable passive skills within that radius grant nothing.


Overall, the Perandus Pact is an overpowerful unique jewel which should be seeing a lot more use than it currently is, as it can be used to good effect on the majority of builds without the need to overhaul the passive skill tree, and can be optimized around to gain a lot more value.


  • Path of Exile 3 24
  • POE Currency
  • POE 3 24 Perandus Pact

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  • This Build Will Help You Tank T17s And Uber Bosses In POE 3.24 With Ease! - Molten Strike Trickster

    If you’re looking for a build that can ignore most modifiers and tank the new T17 and Uber Bosses, Molten Strike Trickster has to be a good choice. This is something I made and perfected in past leagues, and in POE 3.24 I also added Mageblood, making its damage around 15 million, and Effective HP even to the top.

    Build Overview

    This build cost about 15-20 Divine Orbs and I made the entire rig myself. For this level of investment, I think the results are amazing. I completed many Tier 17 maps and finished them all.

    The easiest boss fight in this build is Fortress Map, while the hardest is probably Ziggurat Map, where Catarina is the boss. The reason for this is that this fight has very high degens on the ground and sometimes you can’t hit to leech back your energy shield because this boss fight has so many phases.

    The most interesting ones are Fortress Maps, because you just stand still and kill the boss, and you can ignore every mechanic.

    One thing to note is that you won’t see the modifiers in this build as it’s very annoying after a few maps and the list takes up too much screen space.

    Runnable Mods

    The mod combo I’m running so far is: Frenzy and More Attack and Cast Speed. Extra Crit, Increased Life and Extra Damage will be used as random elements. There’s also Increased Maximum Life and Life as extra Energy Shield, but this mod is annoying because you’ll spend more time in boss fights.

    Reflect is just a free mod because we use Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support, which makes us Reflect Immune.

    Additionally, I also tried out some Exotic mods that are unique to T17 map. For example, when you use a flask, a meteor will be aimed at you, and since this build will be using 4 flasks at once, it will be difficult to stand still. And the meteor hits harder than Uber Sirus Meteor. Therefore, this exotic mods is completely unbalanced.

    Other mods such as Drowning Orbs or Sirus Desolation Degen Ground are also good choices. You can ignore them, though, since the build has enough Energy Shield, and we’re using One Step Ahead for this boss, so we don’t have slowness.

    This is especially true in Uber Uhtred fight. Most beams will slow you down very much, so I just assigned this node where you can stand and complete the encounter with ease.

    Unrunnable Mods

    There are also a lot of modifiers that are not recommended to run, but you need to roll, anyway. We can put Cannot Leech here and this modifier won’t work at all. Since our key recovery is leech, we also gain mana through leech.

    Next is 90% Reduced Aura Effect. This leaves us unable to suppress spell damage and taking over 50% of spell damage.

    Finally, I must remind you not to run this Bosses are Possessed mod. Because the ghost inside the boss will most likely disable your flask, preventing you from completing the fight.

    Anyway, if you’re not sure if it works, just roll it.

    Major Problem

    So what is the most challenging thing about this build in the game? What are the chief dangers we face? This is actually a monster on T17 map.

    It’s important to note that some monsters in Tier 17 maps even have more health than the map bosses themselves, and do much more damage. These little Skitterbots are a great example. They did too much damage just with Ball Lightning ability.

    These Skitterbots do over 5k damage per second. Uber Shaper or Uber Elder beam won’t even do that much damage.

    There are also monsters that have more health than the map bosses themselves or some of the endgame bosses in the game. So isn’t this monster more powerful than Uber Shaper itself? This is unacceptable. So there is an urgent need for developers to rebalance this.

    Clear Speed

    For clear, you need to use Ancestral Call Support instead of Multistrike Support. Since we can hit 3 enemies in one hit and Molten Balls take care of the rest, the monster pack will die out quickly. This means we can remove any map boss in seconds.

    We mostly run Maven Witnessed Maps where 3 or more bosses appear in the arena and I don’t have any issues clearing setup damage. So the build is powerful for the new T17 map and of course Ubers are a piece of cake.

    Finally, in my opinion, Trickster is one of the strongest Ascendancy classes in the game and scales well with investment. As I said, this build now costs about 15-20 Divines. But keep in mind that since I make my gear, if you want to check the price of a deal, you will easily see very large numbers.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Energy Shield stacking Molten Strike Trickster. Hurry up and try it out and tank everything on T17 map!

  • This Low-Investment POE 3.24 Atlas Strategy Is A Crazy Map Farmer!

    Here, I’ll show you my latest atlas strategy, which doesn’t cost much to get started, but the rewards are high! When tested, this strategy provides even more Tier 17 and Guardian Maps than you can fit in one map’s inventory. Let’s jump right in!

    Atlas Strategy

    In short, you’ll be using Horned Scarab of Pandemonium, which will change a few packs of monster to map bosses that bosses have the mod. This boss will be considered the final map boss, so it has a chance to drop Guardian, Conqueror and Synthesis Maps, and may also drop Tier 17 Maps.

    Also, we’ve added Domination Scarab of Terrors, which will also give each Shrine a map boss. They also get the final map boss modifier, so they also have a chance to drop Guardian, Conqueror, Synthesis and Tier 17 Maps.

    Finally, we added 2 Cartography Scarabs of Duplication for maps. So we will have a 60% chance of doubling map drops.

    Atlas Tree Explained

    For Atlas Tree, I will highlight the important nodes and why I use it.

    As I said, I’m using a Domination Scarab of Terrors. So on Atlas tree, we’re going to take all the good shrine nodes. Our map now contains many shrines, and all shrines will contain an additional boss. You’ll have more chances to grab Sirus Guardian Maps.

    We also used Shaper and Elder Guardians Maps drop chance nodes as well as Synthesis Maps drop chance nodes.

    Now we have a good chance of getting special maps when making maps. But we didn’t stop there. Because we killed many map bosses on one map. We will be using Scarab node, which gives map bosses a 25% chance of dropping a Scarab. It also increases the chance of a rare drop when we get a Scarab drop.

    On the other side of the tree, we’ve also increased the chance of getting Scarab from unique monsters. All bosses are unique, so they have a good chance of dropping Scarab and more.

    We also use Niko nodes. The reason for this is that when you click on Sulphite node, it gives you damage, maximum resistance, and movement speed. So you’ll clean faster and better. This comes in handy, especially when you’re facing many map bosses in a small area.

    Additionally, we have chosen a node where when you click on Sulphite Vein, you will have a 10% chance of receiving enough Azurite that you can spend at the mine camp to purchase Chaotic Resonator. This will give you a small amount of additional POE Currency profit.

    I also incorporated all the extra map chance nodes, which give a monster on the map a chance to drop a connected map. So if we’re lucky, we’ll increase our chances of getting a T17 map or two.

    Very importantly, we will take all higher map tier chance nodes, as well as Shaping the Skies and Mountains nodes. The reason for this is that even if your Atlas only contains T16 maps, you will also get T14 and T15 maps.

    With this node, you will upgrade the map and get another T16 map, and then the opportunity to upgrade it to a Tier 17 map through Watchstones.

    The last and most important part of Atlas tree is Maven Keystone, Destructive Play. You invite Maven to appear on your map so that when you reach the final map boss, she will summon more map bosses.

    Now we have Atlas tree. Next, you will need to use Domination craft on the map device for each map. You’ll get more shrines and bosses, and more opportunities to get good maps. This will cost you some Chaos Orbs, but you’ll get your investment back no matter what.

    Which Maps Are Worth Running?

    Next, you need to know which maps you should run. If you have many Conqueror maps, then you can rotate them. Of course, you can also send out invitations and fight Maven when you have time. It’s really up to you.

    Keep in mind that any Guardian maps will work, but running Conqueror maps is the fastest because they don’t have phases like other maps.

    I can maintain Guardian maps and do not need to purchase one. But if you’re just starting this strategy, you can just pick 10 maps that you like to run on.

    Regarding map tiers, this only works with Guardian maps. I recommend you run T16 maps because, as you can see, sometimes Guardian maps will drop as T14 or T15 maps. You can use Harbinger’s Orb to upgrade your Tier 15 maps to Tier 16. It’s also valuable currency, so don’t worry, you won’t lose anything.

    Don’t forget you can use Orb of Horizons on bad layout maps. Most of the time I run Thicket Map or any better layout maps. So please don’t use Forking River or Cells on your Guardian maps. But if you like this map, then you can just go as it.

    Map Running Costs

    Now let’s look at the cost of entry to get this started. You will need 1 Domination Scarab of Terrors, which costs the equivalent of 18 Chaos Orbs. Horned Scarab of Pandemonium is worth 22 Chaos, and you will use one of these.

    The other two are Cartography Scarabs of Duplication, each requiring 5 chaos. Besides, you will need 3 Chaos Orbs for your Domination craft. Therefore, each map requires a total of 53 Chaos as your investment.


    Finally, let’s see how many maps I’ve gotten so far with this strategy.

    For Tier 17 Maps, I have 37 of them, with a minimum selling price of 70 Chaos each.

    The next one is Synthesis Unique Maps, I have 41 of them so far, and they all cost around 15 Chaos. But honestly, this map is very simple. You just have to run it and witness with Maven, and you have a good chance of getting a drop like this.

    The biggest profits come from Guardian Maps. I have 225 so far, all of which I can sell for 15 Chaos or more each. You can sell this map easily as they are all key to Shaper, Elder, Sirus battles, so selling this map is not difficult.

    In the end, you’ll easily get plenty of Scarabs, and even some of the rarer ones. So I think we can say that this strategy is very profitable.

    My total value of these tags, if I sold everything, is 82 Divine Orbs. But I’m still underestimating some maps, since we can sell them in bulk, so this could be more.


    All in all, this strategy is so interesting to me. I really like having bosses everywhere that will put our powerful builds to use and make a pretty decent profit along the way. So, hurry up and give it a try.

  • You Can’t Miss These Profitable T17s Farming Strategies In POE 3.24 Necropolis!

    The launch of Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis brings the first tier 17 map. Compared with the tier 16 maps we are familiar with, it has more unique bosses and reward pools.

    By killing some dangerous monsters and bosses you can get more unique loot, which also means you will be better equipped to face the endgame. But please note that obtaining these tier 17 maps is only the first step in starting your challenge. But if you don’t complete this prerequisite, then don’t expect any loot to drop.

    In this guide, we’ll summarize some more efficient ways to farm T17s and help you get more rewards from them. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Factors Affecting Map Drop Rate

    First, getting all Voidstones is the first step in getting tier 17 maps. Equipping Voidstones in your atlas will give you a 0.2% bonus when T17s drop. Since there are four Voidstones, you have a total of 0.8% chance of getting them.

    However, this number is a bit off, as quantity also affected the drop rate. If you can increase the quantity of the map, the quantity stat of the character, and the effect modifier of the map, you will have a better chance of getting tier 17 maps.

    Best Farming Strategies

    Once you have all Voidstones applied to your Atlas, there are several ways to apply your Atlas Skill Tree to your T17s farming build. Some of these methods are faster to farm, while others provide more drops from tier 17 maps.

    Atlas Passive Skill

    First of all, choosing a correct Atlas passive skill is crucial for your map farming.

    Destructive Play is an Atlas keystone passive skill that adds a lot of value to your map through boss rushing. It adds 1-3 additional map bosses to your map, depending on how many monsters are left before you encounter the atlas boss. Generally speaking, map bosses have a higher chance of dropping maps than Normal, Magic, or Rare Monster packs.

    Your goal is to eliminate the boss as quickly as possible while trying to clear the map. While it’s not necessary to clear the map before the boss appears, it will help your map sustain by getting more normal maps from non-boss enemies.

    Especially linear maps like Silo or Underground River are perfect choices since you have to travel through each section of the map to reach the arena boss.

    There are also some great maps, like Cemetery, Jungle Valley, or Dunes. Because they’re so open, you can easily clear the entire map before taking on the boss.

    You should add more Atlas passive skills such as Remnants of the Past, Conquered Conquerors and Vivid Memories to get more influenced maps.

    For the remaining atlas points, you need some mechanics that are great for boss rushing, meaning you don’t have to be on the map for long to profit from them. Including mechanics like Essences, Heist, Delirium and Delve to achieve perfect synergy with your passive skill.

    Eldritch Influence

    Additionally, Eldritch Influence is also great for farming tier 17 maps, especially Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch. However, you will need to invest more in POE Currency. And Domination Scarab of Terrors is the key.

    This Scarab will make all Shrines on your map guarded by the atlas boss. Besides spawning more bosses, modifiers for final map bosses will also be applied to them. This means you’ll also be taking advantage of Remnants of the Past, Conquered Conquerors and Vivid Memories to get more influenced maps drops from these bosses.

    The main reason to use Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch is because Eldritch Altars may spawn “Final Map Bosses drop X” modifier.

    While there may be some randomness involved, once you’re lucky enough to get “Final Map Boss drops 4 Additional Divine Orbs” you’ll be able to get at least 36 Divines from that map.

    While it may seem like an off-map strategy, it just adds more monetary rewards to your map farming. There are a lot of atlas bosses because of Domination Scarab of Terrors, so you will have more chances to get more maps.

    Atlas skill tree is extremely flexible, and when you take away all the maps, shrines, and eldritch nodes, you’ll be surprised that you can still get more than one or two mechanics. You can choose one of them, but if you get stuck, you can always give them all to Scarabs.

    Synergy Between Atlas Skill Nodes And Scarabs

    If you’re used to running a specific farming strategy, you can always mix in some Atlas skill nodes with some Scarabs that can synergize with them.

    You can easily add this to any farming strategy, as these map nodes are easily accessible on both sides of Atlas tree. So how to get more T17s from these nodes?

    It works by stacking as many monster packs or densities as possible, and increasing all overall loot through explicit modifiers, quantity, and rarity. If your map has five times as many monsters as the first two strategies, then you have a better chance of getting a T17 map through them.

    For example, if you’re running a Searing, Delirium, and Beyond combo, you can get more monsters through Delirium Mirror and Searing Monster Packs. These monsters spawn so densely that when Beyond Demons start spawning, they further increase the monster density significantly.

    By defeating these newly added monsters, you will indirectly increase your chances of obtaining T17s. Don’t forget to add Cartography Scarab of Duplication to get more T17 maps in your current strategy.

    The above are some of the best strategies and tips for farming T17 maps that I have summarized. Follow this guide and you will progress in the endgame faster!

  • This No-Investment Currency Farming Strategy In POE 3.24 Is Definitely Underrated! - Alva Incursions

    There have always been many excellent farming strategies in Path of Exile that can bring us considerable profits. But unfortunately, by the time we know about them, they have been weakened, or lost their value, or even become expensive in the first place.

    If you are tired of these strategies becoming inaccessible before you try them on yourself, then you can try this thing that everyone can do in Necropolis League and it still hasn’t lost its value, which is the new Alva Incursions.

    This is one of the best farming strategies in POE 3.24, suitable for poor and casual players and those who hate Necropolis league mechanics, Allflame Embers, Scarabs and trading. This is an underrated no-investment strategy and you don’t even need any endgame builds, Allflame Embers or Scarabs to optimize profits.

    Why Is Alva Incursions Strategy Undervalued?

    First, let me explain why it is so underrated. Previously, you needed master mission points or charged compasses to force Alva to spawn on every map. But now, with reworked Atlas, you can force her to spawn on every map, with no restrictions and no investment.

    Not only is it 0 investment, you don’t need any Allflame Embers and Scarabs to run these maps either! This means you can never lose money running this strategy, so no one can afford to inflate their investment from the start.

    Advantages Of This Strategy

    Chronicle with Locus of Corruption or Doryani’s Institute are always in demand throughout the league, since you can’t double corrupt “existing items” with Necropolis Crafting. Over time, it will be even more worthwhile.

    But what if everyone did this and lost their market price? No need to worry as you can even run them yourself to double corrupt unique items commonly used in the current league. Most double corrupts can be sold to earn a few Divine Orbs or a Mirror, depending on the price of the base item you’re corrupting. Especially body armor. Since there is Tainted Currency available, you don’t even need 6 link them.

    I’ve made a lot of POE Currency in previous leagues with double corrupt items like Dialla’s Malefaction. League items like Voltaxic Rift, Fourth Vow, Cloak of Tawm’r Isley, Indigon, Farrul’s Fur, Squire, and Utula’s Hunger are all available. You just need to remember a few.

    If you’re broke or don’t have a suitable build, you can even run this farming strategy on any T6+ Maps without any kind of Alching or quantity rarity mods.

    It’s worth mentioning that they’ve added a new notable where you can get some extra currency and valuable Scarabs from these Cursed Treasure nodes, but at the cost of losing a few seconds in incursion.

    But unless you have defense, I wouldn’t recommend picking up Vaal Flesh Merchant in Atlas, because this vaal wraith can hit you in one hit and isn’t even worth its inconsistent drops.

    With all the atlas nodes here, we can even self-sustain our maps without having to purchase them via trade. I personally recommend shorter maps rather than those with open fields because you have to run in a straight line. These include maps such as Silo, Tower, Toxic Sewer, Tropical Island, Primordial Pool, Jungle Valley and more.

    Another huge quality-of-life advantage of this strategy is that you don’t have to spend as much time checking prices on trading sites and selling them. As with any other strategy, you have to carefully examine the data and spend a lot of time buying Allflame Embers and Scarabs.

    Disadvantages To Overcome

    Now let’s talk about the shortcomings. This requires 4 incursions in 4 maps to form a complete Chronicle. So if your goal is to get a few Divine Orbs every hour, you have to get in quickly and get out quickly. This means your build should be fast enough with good clear speed and defense, at least for Yellow Maps.

    You can spam as many maps as you like, but you have to double-check the layout every time you enter an incursion. Sometimes you might be out of luck when Alva doesn’t double upgrade Locus of Corruption.

    But in this case, you can use Incursion Scarab of Timelines on the last 4 incursions to get a duplicate Chronicle. Everything will be the same except that the tiers of the rooms will be random numbers. This only works for one duplicate per map.

    Available Incursion Rooms

    It would be better if you have both gem and item corruption rooms visible and accessible. The room that now has the highest priority and value is Locus of Corruption, which is the third upgrade for both rooms.

    The second one is Doryani’s Institute, which is a double corruption for gems. In the best case, here you can get corrupted gems with a quality of 23%.

    It would be great if you could get into Apex of Atzoatl, as some of the boss drops are valuable. This includes Ambition, which is part of an Adorned Jewel.

    Finally, Wealth of the Vaal is a very good level 3 incursion room. It’s worth investing in some extra Chaos Orbs.

    But even if you get these Chronicles, you don’t want to overprice them. Most people buy these Chronicles with a specific goal in mind, so you can keep the best Chronicles to run for yourself.

    What League Mechanics Synergize With It?

    If you have enough points to add another farming strategy, these league mechanics that synergize with it are your priority: Bestiary, Syndicate, Harbinger, Essence and Ultimatum. None of these require quantity, rarity or pack size.

    Among them, I prefer Essence because they have the same rewards as T6+ Maps. I tried Bestiary, but it’s not worth the price. Syndicate farming is currently in poor condition. Harbinger needs Scarabs to profit from it. Ultimatum is great if you have a strong and fast build and are looking forward to running in higher tier maps.

    For the atlas tree, just pop out all their nodes and the nodes placed for the incursion. So if you are new to this strategy, it is easy to figure it out.

    Incursion Tips

    Each time you enter an incursion, you can press “V” to display the incursion’s layout. This is very important because you need to check two things.

    The first is 2 architects in the area. If you see the name of the room, such as Catalyst of Corruption written on the south side of the layout, you should kill the architect on the south side of the area.

    Another important thing is to check the red and green dots on the door closed and open. When you get the stone after killing the monster, make sure to open the door on the impassable side. If both north and south are accessible, the east or west side can be opened.

    If you’re having trouble getting into valuable areas, you can try entering Explosives Room, which contains explosives that can blow up blocked walls. It’s that simple.

    The above is the complete process for us to run this Alva Incursions farming strategy. Hurry up and try it out!

  • The Unmissable Unique Tempest Rising For Melee Bleed Build In POE 3.24 Necropolis League!

    Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis adds many new unique items to the core game, one of which is Tempest Rising. This is a fun addition to the game that will provide much-needed utility for Melee and Bleed Summon Reaper builds.

    In this guide, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about this new unique boots Tempest Rising and discuss whether this unique one is worth trying. Let’s get started now!

    Tempest Rising Explained

    Tempest Rising is a new unique item that currently only drops from Uber Sirus encounters. The theme is around Damaging Ailments and is specifically for Bleed builds. Also, it not only increases your armor by 80%-120% but also provides a 30% movement speed increase.

    But what makes you want to use these unique boots the most is the last three modifiers. First, it extends the enemy’s Duration of Ailments by 5%-25%. Second, Damaging Ailments deal damage 5%-25% faster. Third, you and your nearby enemies count as movement while affected by Elemental Ailments.

    These fairly large roll ranges mean you can get the ideal damage buff by investing in POE Currency.

    The first two of these three modifiers are fairly standard ailment scaling modifiers. Poisons especially benefit from the extended duration, while faster Damaging Ailments are quite common.

    However, the last modifier here is for Bleeding Ailment. While Elemental Ailments affect you, you and any enemies within your presence count as movement.

    However, Bleeding has a special conditional damage increase that depends on whether the bleeding entity is moving. As long as the target is stationary, baseline bleed deals damage per second equal to 70% of the base physical damage dealt. However, when the target moves, the bleed damage is tripled, dealing 210% of base physical damage per second.

    How To Scale Bleed Damage?

    Crimson Dance is a Keystone that removes the condition for increased bleed damage while moving and also halves bleed damage. But it allows you to use eight bleed stacks that deal damage simultaneously, instead of just one stack.

    So if you want to scale bleeding with a faster ailment application, you can use this Keystone as an option.

    But if you don’t want to interact with the moving mechanic and want to use a bow to cause bleeding, Ensnaring Arrow is a good choice. It applies a debuff to the target, treating it as movement.

    Therefore, Bleed Bow builds can choose to use Ensnaring Arrow skill for maximum damage output against a single target.

    What Builds Is Tempest Rising Available For?

    However, the melee-built Ensnaring Arrow debuff does not count the target as movement. Therefore, those Non-Crimson Dance builds must rely on swapping weapons for bows to use Ensnaring Arrow in order to achieve maximum damage output. It’s not a very enjoyable play style, but at least it’s a new option for applying to Tempest Rising.

    As such, Tempest Rising will primarily appeal to two build archetypes: first, the previously mentioned Non-Crimson Dance Melee Bleed build, and second, Summon Reaper build. Because they don’t want to use a bow, they have more freedom with their gear.

    How To Apply Elemental Ailments?

    But since you’re no longer forced to use a bow to benefit from Tempest Rising’s movement mechanics, Elemental Ailments must affect the target. This seems a bit counter-intuitive, since you need to apply Elemental Ailments on a build that is entirely focused on physical damage.

    However, you can apply Elemental Ailments fairly simply in a number of ways.

    Among them, Summon Skitterbots is a reservation skill that can summon two Skitterbots around you, a Chilling Skitterbot, and a Shocking Skitterbot.

    These Skitterbots will target nearby enemies moving towards them and apply chill and shock to the surrounding area. This causes 10% of the base chill and 15% of the base shock damage, which can be increased via gem levels or linked support gems.

    Also worth mentioning here is Profane Proxy, a unique ring that will replace Chilling Skitterbot or Shocking Skitterbot depending on the ring slot it’s in. That Skitterbot will then apply a socketed curse to the surrounding area.

    This means that not only can you still utilize Skitterbot to apply Elemental Ailments of your choice to benefit from Tempest Rising mechanic, but you can also apply full-effect Curses.

    Is Tempest Rising Worth Trying?

    In POE 3.24, Tempest Rising is an exclusive drop from Uber Sirus. But in Trade League, this loot setup doesn’t make much sense to us. Because one of the common drops from this boss is still Uber Uniques, and all the strongest builds will feature the rarest unique items.

    And you’re less likely to spend time farming Uber Boss just to drop a pair of boots you don’t really want to wear. So it doesn’t make much sense in the current loot levels.

    However, this does not prevent it from being a powerful item that can be used in a Melee Bleed build. What do you think of this Tempest Rising? See you next time!

  • How About The Newly Added Utmost Unique Amulet In POE 3.24 Necropolis?

    With the release of Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis, a bunch of new unique items have been added to the game, some of which are exclusive to Necropolis League, but some of which are boss-exclusive loot.

    In this guide, we’ll be focusing on a new unique item added to Uber bosses’ loot lists, Utmost Gold Amulet. This is a new unique amulet obtained from Uber boss scavenger hunt and may be the most powerful item ever added to the game.

    How To Get Utmost Amulet?

    Utmost Amulet is obtained in a specific way. It’s more of a Scavenger Hunt style system that requires you to combine four different Curios. These Curios are Primordial Fragments, each dropped by a specific Uber boss.

    • Uber Searing Exarch: Curio of Absorption
    • Uber Eater of Worlds: Curio of Consumption
    • Uber Elder: Curio of Decay
    • Uber Maven: Curio of Potential

    Lining up these four fragments will create a brand new Utmost Amulet that has some ridiculous stats, and it’s corrupted.


    The moment you create it in your inventory, it has a 0%-30% chance of Suppress Spell Damage. Besides, all of its maximum Elemental Resistances are increased by 0%-5%, Attack and Cast Speed are increased by 0%-40%, and Damage Penetrates are increased by 0%-20%.

    Its huge roll ranges make it probably one of the craziest gambling items in the game. Many Exiles like this kind of gambling, so this is definitely a high-end trade league type gamble item, suitable for players with a lot of POE Currency.

    As of now, you can purchase all Curios needed to assemble this unique amulet for about 10 Divine Orbs. The well-rolled version of this amulet may require 150 Divines or even more.

    However, it only has perfect synergy with some special modifier roles, and is completely worthless when equipped with regular roles.

    Why Is Utmost So Special?

    Aside from the fact that it was created corrupted, getting a really good modifier role would be extremely rare.

    Also, the stats potentially gained from this amulet are often very useful in many builds, and it is not specifically accessible from the amulet slot of any other item.

    For example, you can get a lot of Elemental Penetration from Crystallised Omniscience Unique Amulet and make an excellent investment in properties. Alternatively, you can get a large amount of maximum Elemental Resistances from Leadership’s Price Amulet. But no other amulets can access so many sources simultaneously.

    The closest is probably Stranglegasp Amulet, which can be anointed four times and provides a somewhat similar arrangement of stats, but at a much lower amount.

    But remember, even if Utmost is corrupted, it can still be anointed using Tainted Oil, and it can still have the same quality as using Tainted Catalysts.

    For example, its maximum elemental resistance roll has been increased from +5% to +6%, and it has a 20% Resistance Catalyst. Therefore, Utmost with good roles will be a powerful addition to many builds.

    Advantages Of Utmost

    I think the build on the left side of the passive tree in particular takes full advantage of this item. Since many of these styles are relatively easy to acquire on the passive skill tree, it’s often difficult to limit spell suppression opportunities and be able to gain a lot from max elemental resistance.

    For example, if we use Unbreakable Ascendancy and apply a certain percentage of armor to the elemental damage caused by a hit, then the armor will be more effective on smaller hits. Therefore, increasing the maximum elemental resistance is a good way to increase the effectiveness of Unbreakable.

    You can use passive skills like Soul of Steel and Prismatic Skin to gain a range of maximum elemental resistances. Using only the passive skill tree node, they might gain close to 85% of their maximum elemental resistance.

    Not to mention Utmost Amulet, which can limit spell suppression more easily and make full use of Elemental Penetration like Strength Stacking Brutus Lead Sprinkler.

    However, this amulet is also powerful when considering that there is no increased chance of maximum resistance or spell suppression of any kind. For example, the top of the passive tree has potential opportunities for spell suppression, while an increase in maximum elemental resistance can reduce elemental damage taken by over 20%.

    Is Utmost The Most Powerful Unique In The Game?

    Because of the access to this stat, many players consider it to be the most powerful unique we’ve ever seen in Path of Exile. It would be fitting, after all, considering the name.

    But is it more powerful than Mageblood? It’s hard to compare. To be honest, especially considering that Mageblood is more open to interpretation in terms of what the flasks and flask modifiers you use can provide for any build.

    But I guess if someone made the argument that this new unique amulet is the most powerful unique in the game and has a special effect, I wouldn’t disagree.

    What do you think of this Utmost Amulet? Maybe you’ve been combining these Curios together to get a well-rolled version. Good luck!

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How To Maximize The Power Of Perandus Pact Unique Jewel In Path Of Exile 3.24? (2024)
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